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Who we are

Coffee roasting since 1940

Caffè Giunchi artisanal roasting was born in a small garage in Ravenna between the end of the 40s and the beginning of the 50s thanks to the unconditional passion for coffee of its founder. From the very beginning, the attention in choosing the quality of raw materials was maximum.

The roasting of the coffee was initially treated with wood, according to an ancient method that guaranteed the homogeneity of the roasting process up to the heart of the beans.

Over the years and generations, the technology of Caffè Giunchi roasting (now managed by Andrea Fiorini) has evolved and today the company can count on a new production plant located in Santarcangelo di Romagna, in the province of Rimini.

Giunchi the coffee house
since the 40s

technology and innovation

Technology at the service of artisanal roasting

Thanks to the latest generation machinery, 4.0 systems equipped with remote connection, Caffè Giunchi can count on a 12-compartment raw coffee silos managed by a computer with modern software, connected directly to the 60kg IMF roaster. Thanks to the innovative roasting technology based on the original Vortex® system and the heat generator separated from the roasting drum, we are able to obtain perfect temperature control during the entire roasting process, guaranteeing uniform heat transfer to the entire roasting process. inside the drum. This technological process allows you to always enhance the aroma of each coffee in the best possible way and to transfer its qualities to each cup prepared.

The art of roasting and attention to detail

The processing of the blends always takes place as first of the day: by hand. Even today, our coffees are roasted individually and then strictly cold mixed in order to enhance all their best aromatic characteristics and enhance their uniqueness.

Personalized packaging and quality-saving packaging

The plant is also equipped with a new automatic packaging machine that guarantees high performance, speed and offers numerous packaging customization options thanks to a marker capable of hot stamping, logos and writings. In Caffè Giunchi technology, innovation and respect for tradition come together to always guarantee a product of the highest quality and that is why, even today, Caffè Giunchi roasting is considered the home of coffee!

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