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Services and third party supplies


Services and third party supplies

Since many years now, we have specialized in supplies of our products, making our experience of many years in the field available to everyone, following each customer in every step, from the smallest to the largest. Customers are guided through the choice of coffee origins, in the consultancy and study of customized blends, in the most accurate roasting, in the creation and study of a personalized brand and finally in logistics, to satisfy every type of request.

  • Choice of origins: in addition to the great variety in the choice of raw coffee origins already available in our warehouse, through our most trusted suppliers, we can satisfy any kind of request, from Gourmet coffees, to high and very high-end origins, up to Specialty. Carefully checked upon arrival in our warehouses, once professionally roasted, these coffees are then tested by our staff.
  • Consulting and study of a blend: together with our customer, we can create new blends, or customize “ad hoc” each consolidated quality blend that we have.
  • Roasting: with our new fully automated system, which uses all the most modern roasting technologies adaptable to any type of coffee, it guarantees precision and consistency in roasting. This new system is equipped with continuous cooking temperature control systems, in addition to the programming of roasting curves suitable for all types of Arabica and Robusta.
  • Brand creation and study: it is possible to customize any type of package requested (bags, reels or cartons, or whatever else you want), even for small supplies.
  • Logistics: we can send any type of package to any country, with a minimum of 1 carton of 10 kg, up to the whole pallet. Each pallet can hold up to 400/480 kg of coffee.

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